2020 Committee Directory & Descriptions
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2020 Committee Directory & Descriptions    

North Carolina CCIM Chapter

Programs Committee
There are Programs Committees in Charlotte, Triangle, Triad, Fayetteville, Wilmington, and Asheville. The committees are responsible for planning and coordinating program/networking events for their market. Committee Members focus on providing high quality programs that specifically target the interests of the members, while facilitating active networking. This committee offers exceptional opportunities to develop relationships within the NC-CCIM organization and also with regional business leaders, community organizations and other commercial real estate professionals. If interested, please contact:
Charlotte - Buddy Hege, CCIM
Fayetteville - Patrick Murray, CCIM
Triad - Travis Carter, CCIM
Triangle -  Dan Marquardt, CCIM
 Wilmington -

Forecast Committees

 There are three Forecast Committees (Charlotte,Triangle & Triad) and they are responsible for planning their individual market forecasts. The committees decide on the program format, identify and obtain the speakers, make the agenda, select the location, approve the meal and coordinate the details with our chapter administrator. This committee also leads the sponsorship drive for their particular market. Each Forecast typically attracts around 300 people so these are major events. If interested, please contact the following members:

Charlotte  Buddy Hege, CCIM
Triangle -  Tiffany Barrier, CCIM & Beverly Keith, CCIM
Triad - Travis Carter, CCIM
Power Partner & Power Partner Retention Committee
This committee is responsible for securing partnerships for our year long NC-CCIM Power Partners Programs. The committee also maintains contact with our current power partners throughout the year and are always looking for ways to add value to our partnerships. The goal of this committee is to maintain the current relationships that have been built, as well as retooling the program to attract new Power Partners. The committee typically conducts its business with emails and occasional meetings and is busiest in the winter and early spring. If interested, please contact James Milner, CCIM.
State Conference Committee
This committee is responsible for planning our annual state conference which includes selecting a date, location, cost, topics & speakers, networking events and agenda. This committee typically conducts its business over the phone and with emails. If interested, please contact , Patrick Murray, CCIM.
Education Committee 
This committee is responsible for organizing the CCIM Core Courses (Intro, 101, 102, 103, & 104) that are held by our Chapter. Duties include working with the CCIM Institute and our neighbors in Region 9 on course availability and dates; selection of instructor(s) and location(s); budget awareness, coordination of lunch and the Chapter networking event. They are also responsible for organizing the "Free CE" days and the planning of our advanced education classes. This committee typically conducts its business over the phone and with emails. A committee member is also present to help check in on the first day of class as well as talk to the students about the CCIM designation and the NC Chapter. If interested, please contact Phillip Corriher, CCIM.
Designation Promotion Committee
This committee facilitates media coordination, press releases, designation promotion and member retention in the local Business Journals for the Chapter. The committee’s goal is to increase public understanding and recognition of the CCIM Designation and to communicate the value of the NC-CCIM Chapter membership to not only its members but to real estate professionals throughout the region as well. If interested,please contact Gina Hensley, CCIM.


New Member Development  & Member Retention                              This Committee is responsible for researching those who may be interested and would benefit from chapter membership. They typically send out emails and develop strategies to increase and preserve the chapter's membership. The 2020 goals for this committee are candidate outreach, education prospects, encouragement of members participation in networking events and tracking the organization's membership. If interested please contact Lisa Long Jackson, CCIM.

Legislative Committee
This committee is responsible for being the Legislative arm and liaison for the NC-CCIM chapter with Federal and State Legislative Representatives, NCAR, NAR and other professional organizations (e.g. IREM). Limited in person meetings; primarily coordinate activities via phone and email. Responsibilities include keeping fellow NC-CCIM Board members up on key issues and spreading the word to other members throughout the state in an ongoing effort to positively influence legislative issues that impact our industry and private property owner rights. In addition, this committee encourages RPAC participation. If interested, please contact Sledd Thomas, CCIM
Community Involvement Committee:
Responsible for planning an annual opportunity for CCIM members to give back to our community which also creates a networking opportunity for members. (By Example: food drive/toy drive with holiday networking event). Also finding community needs where CCIM members can offer knowledge-based contributions rather than monetary contributions while at the same time branding the CCIM designation, such as speaking to undergrad commercial real estate classes about the CCIM designation, inviting a student to follow you for a day on the job, etc. Committee Members will focus on researching opportunities, planning events,getting the word out to membership, and networking. Meetings are as needed and typically by conference call. 
 Charlotte - Karen Mankowski, CCIM
 Triangle Caylin Peterson 
 Triad -  


Foundation Liaison                                                                                                                This person is responsible for keeping the NC-CCIM Board up to date on all activities with the CCIM Foundation. This person attends board meetings and has continuous communication with the CCIM Institute and the Foundation staff. If interested, please contact, Beverly Keith, CCIM.

IT/Website Committee
This committee is responsible monitoring our Chapter’s website and the electronic communications with our members. Committee members look for ways to improve our website offerings and our members’ experience. This committee also works with our chapter coordinator regarding member information, member list and communication with our members over the internet. If interested, please contact 

Scholarships and Candidate Guidance                                                                             This committee is responsible for rewarding scholarships for core classes and assisting candidates in their journey to earn the CCIM Designation. Committee members are the go to source for anyone with questions regarding their portfolio, candidacy, how to earn their CCIM designation, and benefits of the CCIM designation.  If interested, please contact James Milner, CCIM, Patrick Murray, CCIM, Philip Corriher, CCIM. 

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